Tempus cover

Holly Lauren
362 pages
Publisher/Date: Libertine Press/November 2013
Source: Won in contest from Daisy Chain Book Reviews
Review is my own.

Chapel Ryan isn’t crazy. At least, that’s what she’s been trying to convince herself of for most of her life. But after being hallucination-free for three years, Chapel finds herself facedown on her English classroom’s gritty linoleum floor. When she looks up, everyone around her is suspended in animation. Mouths hang open mid-yawn, feet hover mid-cross, Ms. Freeman’s arm flexes mid-sentence diagram. It’s another hallucination. Or, is it?

Chapel prepares to tear herself back to reality when something happens. Something that has never happened before in any of her hallucinations–someone moves. And not just any someone—it’s the new guy with a scar over his lip and a reputation as black as his perfectly styled hair. And all of the sudden Chapel’s white-knuckle grip on her life has slipped, and with it, her assurance that what she’s experiencing isn’t real.


My Review – 4.5 stars!

You guys! Have you ever read a book and thought, “This is exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.”? That was this book for me. I’ve been in kind of a reading slump, looking for an engrossing book but getting frustrated by the descriptions I was reading. When I won this from Daisy Chain Books, I figured it was a sign to give it a try. And I am so glad I did!

Chapel Ryan is your normal teenage girl. Or at least she hopes she is. She’s a cheerleader, does well in school, has a crazy best friend. Her dad died when she was three and her mother has been distant since marrying an up and coming politician. But what teenager doesn’t have parent problems? The only problem is her hallucinations, which are a side effect of the PTSD she got when her father was killed when she was so young. But well, they seem so real. Normal people can’t stop time though, can they?

I can’t give too many details about the plot here because I have a strict no spoilers policy, but oh my goodness did I love this book. I went into it expecting a really light fluffy read and was pleasantly surprised to find a really intricate, well-crafted story that kept me guessing until the end.

And the characters! Chapel is who I want to be. Determined, self-confident and brave. She makes mistakes, who doesn’t? But she’s always doing her best to help others. And she knows her heart. When Zay comes into her life, it’s not insta-love. And that’s part of what I really appreciated about this book. You actually see a relationship developing. Sure, Zay is gorgeous and she’s not immune to that, but it’s not what’s most important to her. The supporting characters here were awesome too. They definitely weren’t just place-holders, but fully developed characters within their own right. I absolutely loved Erica, who was there for Chapel during everything. And can I say Zay again? Wow, definitely a swoon worthy book boyfriend there.

I could go on and on about this one but it’s really hard to discuss without getting into some spoilers. Let’s just say that if you were on the fence about reading this one, definitely pick it up. And if you were looking for a book and weren’t quite sure what you were looking for, try it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I’ll leave you with some quotes that I had to highlight while reading it.


“The thing about high school, Ryan, is that there are always girls. Sometimes they’re pretty.” He shrugged. “But they’re rarely interesting. And pretty without interesting is like a gun without bullets. All you can do is throw it at somebody, but it’s not going to knock them down.”    Loc 837, 14% on Kindle

Chapel tilted her head. “I don’t think of pain as something that can be measured. It either hurts, or it doesn’t.”  Loc 1423, 24% on Kindle