Summer Reading Challenge

So Katie’s Book Blog is starting this awesome reading challenge for the summer. I don’t know about you guys but I used to love the summer reading programs at the library. They always had prizes at the end, sometimes pizza parties or cool t-shirts. And you got to meet up with a bunch of other kids who love books! This is the same thing but for grown-ups. Well, I don’t act like a grown-up. . . .age is just a number people! 😉 Anyway, this is a summer reading program for all of us book bloggers! We sign up and set a goal for the number of books we want to read from May 1st – September 1st. Set up a Goodreads shelf for it and you’re good to go! And as a bonus, there will be prizes too! I have my link to my Goodreads shelf below, where I will put the books up as I finish them. So if you want to join, which I’m pretty sure you’ll want to, head over to Katie’s Book Blog and link up!

Oh and by the way, my goal is. . . . . .

30 Books 


My Goodreads Shelf