So I thought it would be a good idea to start a post, once a week on Sundays, just to go over the past week on the blog and fill you guys in on what’s going on with me outside the world of books. It’ll also be a place to put all the links for the week in one place and let you guys know if you missed something important!

This week on the blog. . .

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This week in real life. . .

I live on a small farm so we’re constantly either thinking about getting new animals, getting new animals or trying to find a place to put the new animals that I got. Just kidding. But it does feel like i’m always trying to rearrange the setup around here to accomodate animals. Anyway. We got a calf in December that we had to bottle feed, and even though we had a ridiculously cold winter, she made it! So right now, she’s living in the field with our two goats. The field was originally intended to hold just our goats though and now it’s woefully small for her. So while we’ve been figuring out fencing, which is super fun, I’ve been shuttling her and the goats back and forth between my back yard and her field every day so she gets some grass. Of course they have hay, but they love the grass so much and do so much better on it. So the place where I’m supposed to be able to let my dog out to pee is currently occupied with farm animals. Which also means that I have to pick up cow poop every day before I can let the dog out again. lol.


A goat on my back porch in my yard                                            


The cow in question – she comes like a dog when you call her

We also have 11 hens for eggs and every day for the last couple weeks we’ve had a fox coming through our yard. Last year we lost all of our chickens to raccoons and foxes so for these chickens we built a chicken tractor. Which is basically any kind of mobile chicken coop. I’ll probably do a post just about that, because we came up with a really cool design for it. Anyway, the fox has been foiled every day but I got some good pictures of him. And then yesterday I was outside and I saw the reason he’s been roaming around. Below our house, I saw the mommy fox with four kits. They were too cute! If I could have stolen one, I would have.


He was 15 feet from my front porch


I know, crappy picture, but you can see the baby in the center 



Mommy fox with babies – apparently foxes are really hard to photograph well

This week has also been full of gardening and gorgeous weather and also some torrential rain. Next week I’ll do a gardening post and show you guys some of what I’m growing. How was your week? Anything new or exciting happen for you? Let me know below! And I’ll leave you with some more pictures.


My favorite tree – Japanese maple in our front yard    


We get some really pretty sunsets